Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France

If you are planning to travel to Europe this summer, France is a place you should not miss. Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France will suggest you the most interesting places in France that will not let you down.

1. Paris

When it comes to France, you will think of Paris. This is also first place in the Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France. Paris is known by many different names such as the city of light, the city of love, or the capital of fashion.

Paris, France

For many centuries, Paris has always been the most magnificent modern city in the world but still retains the magnificent ancient features of the time. This place is the dream of many tourists who want to explore the city of Paris to experience travel, cuisine as well as fashion.

2. Provence

Referring to the serenity, simplicity, and charm of France, no one does not remember the city of Provence. This is also the next place that Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France introduces you.


Perhaps this is the territory that still retains a lot of Roman substance. The small houses and the synagogues are still in the style of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages. Provence is always covered with sunshine all year round, the climate is very fresh, and the Provence region of France is considered a paradise of lavender, sunflowers, irises, and olive trees.

Tourists to Provence will never forget the lavender fields stretching to the horizon. Provence always has sunshine even in winter, so the ancient look does not show through the mossy features. It is the small houses made of yellow limestone, the green wooden door, or the fountain attached to the wall that are the souls of the paradise on earth.

3. Mont Saint Michel

If you have the opportunity to travel to France, do not miss Mont Saint Michel. This is the most unique towering stone castle in Europe. At high tide, this oasis will be completely separate from the mainland, but don’t worry because the island is full of all kinds of services and comfortable restaurants.

Mont Saint Michel

But if the time frame for this European tour is tight, one day is more than enough here. The best view of Mont Saint Michel is probably not from the top of the castle, nor the grandeur when looking up from the foot of the castle, but the panoramic view from afar when you can see the indifference between the ocean.

From that distance, the road connecting to the mainland could not be seen clearly, the scene seemed to shrink, making any moving heart can’t help but sob, just want to hurry to that place to start the journey. France tour with discoveries.

4. Marseille

In addition to the fame of Paris, France is also known for the port city of Marseille, the first port city on the French Méditerranée and the capital of the Bouches-du-Rhône department. In 2013, this city was also selected as the “European cultural capital” because of its long history and rich culture and identity.


Marseille is an attractive destination when you have the opportunity to travel in France, located 800km from Paris, but moving is not difficult. You can travel easily and conveniently using a high-speed train or car: with only 3 hours by speedboat or 10 hours by car, you can set foot in the city. this is beautiful. This is also the next place in the Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France.

5. Mont Blanc

If you are one of the enthusiasts of extreme sports, you should not miss Mont Blanc when you come to France. This is considered the highest mountain peak and is known as the “roof of Europe”.

Mont Blanc is located in the town of Chamonix, more than 600 km from Paris. This is an interesting place that Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France would like to recommend to you. This is known as the ideal place for mountain climbers. The name Mont Blanc in French or Monte Bianco in Italian also means white mountain.

Mont Blanc

The reason this mountain has such a name is that it is covered with white snow all year round. Mont Blanc is a mountain in the Alps with temperatures that can drop to -40 degrees Celsius at the top.

Mont Blanc is located in the Mont Blanc range, on the border between the Haute Savoie province of France and the Aoste valley of Italy. To be able to explore this mountain peak, you can go to one of two locations at Chamonix in France or Courmayeur in Italy.

6. French Riviera

French Riviera

The Riviera, which includes Nice, Cannes, and Monte Carlo, is famously crowded and expensive with sun-drenched beaches and billionaire yachts. This is also a place that many tourists choose when traveling to France in the summer. Beautiful beaches and full of sunshine are great things for an enjoyable vacation. This is also the next place in the Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France.

7. Biarritz

A beach town on the southwest coast of France, Biarritz was once a vacation spot for the nobility and is now the surfing capital of Europe. It has experienced a tourism renaissance, as well as a very busy summer. This is an interesting place that Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France would like to recommend to you.


Biarritz doesn’t have the glamor of the Riviera, but you’ll see wealthy tourists in designer clothes and surfers in flip-flops and hear French, Spanish, and Basque. Grande Beach is the center of entertainment and tourism activities. Alternatively, visit the restored Art Deco casino and wander the streets down to the old port to the west.

8. Versailles

If you have not visited the Palace of Versailles, your journey will be incomplete. In this city, architectural masterpieces always radiate the aura of the brightest star. Next to the palace entrance is La Cour des Senteurs, a courtyard with four perfume shops and a museum devoted solely to the history of perfumery at Versailles.

Nearby, the Potager du Roi is a famous garden that once supplied the royal kitchen with produce. The green grass is like a carpet, stretching forever along the vegetable and fruit gardens planted traditionally. This Baroque structure was originally built to host the wedding of Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI.


Versailles has located about 21 km from the outskirts of Paris. You can catch a train from Paris to Versailles Rive Gauche station or Versailles Rive Droite station. Both stations are just a 15-minute walk from the palace.

The palace is closed on Mondays and major holidays. But even without lavish palaces, there is no shortage of things here that can give visitors the experience of the ultimate luxury of royal life.

9. Annecy

Annecy captures the hearts of visitors with the canal that flows through the town, the clear blue lake, the colorful houses decorated with fresh flowers, and the famous grilled Raclette cheese. Located 500 km southeast of Paris, Annecy is a beautiful town surrounded by Lake Annecy and the Alps.


In particular, Annecy has canals flowing around and colorful houses. This is the reason why this place is called the “Venice of France”.

10. Lake Annecy

One of the places that you definitely must not miss when coming to France is to come and experience Lake Annecy of France. This is known as a paradise with poetic beauty but also extremely attractive.

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy is the largest lake in France with a depth of 40m, the air here is very fresh, different from the bustling and noisy Paris. Coming to this place, you will enjoy the new and fresh air, and the natural scenes appear like 19th-century paintings. This is also the last place that Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France introduces you to this trip.

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Summer In France Hope to provide useful information for your trip.

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