FreshBooks The Accounting Software for Small Business

FreshBooks- The Accounting Software for Small Business

Finding invoice software with accounting features might be challenging. Finding affordable invoicing software with accounting functionality is even more difficult. So we want to introduce FreshBooks- an accounting software for small business that is great for freelancers and independent contractors. The exceptional user experience and smart combination of features make it a top choice for sole proprietors. We will review this software in detail in the article below.

FreshBooks At a Glance

FreshBooks is built for small and medium businesses and is rapidly gaining traction with UK small businesses through its combination of low prices, great design and powerful features. FreshBooks is software that started primarily as an invoice management solution and evolved into an accounting product. More than 160 nations currently utilize the software produced by the Toronto-based firm.
For independent contractors, freelancers, and small company owners, FreshBooks is a wonderful invoicing and accounting software since it has a lot of features. It allows you to easily put invoices together and accept payments via credit and debit cards, automatic clearing house (ACH), Stripe, and PayPal. Like most accounting software in 2023, Freshbooks is cloud-based. It may therefore be accessed from any location with an internet connection.
FreshBooks At a Glance

Key Features of FreshBooks- The Accounting Software for Small Business

FreshBooks has several features that make your accounting work easier and faster. Some of them may include:

Custom Invoicing

Professional-looking invoices are important to get paid, so we want you to be able to quickly customize the look and feel of your invoices to match your brand. With FreshBooks, you can convert estimates and recommendations into invoices with just two clicks.

Time tracking

One of the coolest features of FreshBooks is the time-tracking tool on the mobile app. You can add charging time to your invoice on the spot, thus allowing you to bill customers on the spot. Plus, you can easily add billable expenses to your invoices, instead of using cumbersome manual methods.

Mobile application

Using the FreshBooks mobile app, available for iOS and Android, you can generate invoices as soon as you meet a customer. You can also use the app to capture receipts, chat with customers, and check the status of invoices.

Project management

FreshBooks allows you to manage projects and bill at an hourly or fixed rate. You can also track the hours your team members spend on each project, as well as share files and discuss projects.


FreshBooks can generate a variety of reports, including profit and loss statements, sales tax summaries, expense and account aging reports, invoice details, payments received, and time entry details. After running the reports, you can email or print or export them to Excel.

How much does FreshBooks Cost?

How much does FreshBooks Cost?

Compared to other accounting software we’ve reviewed, FreshBooks’ prices are on the higher end. FreshBooks currently offers four plans or levels based on the number of business customers.

  • Lite: The Lite plan costs $15 per month for up to five customers. You can connect the software to your bank account, track time, and accept bill payments online. There’s no limit to the number of estimates and invoices you can send, and you get free access to the FreshBooks mobile app.
  • Plus: This plan has a monthly fee of $30 for up to 50 users. You may impose late fines with this tier, which FreshBooks claims is its most well-liked plan, and send periodic invoices, automatic payment reminders, and suggestions. You won’t pay any additional user fees while using this plan to interact with your accountant.
  • Premium: The FreshBooks Premium subscription, which supports up to 500 clients, costs $55 per month. Everything in the Including package is included in this tier, plus additional reporting and customer monitoring tools.
  • Select: This plan is suitable for businesses that bill at least $150,000 per year or have more than 500 customers. In addition to all the features in the Premium plan, FreshBooks provides you with a dedicated account manager.

Is FreshBooks Safe to use?

Of course, you should worry about a software platform gaining access to your sensitive financial data, including access to your business bank accounts and customer payment details. But many small companies safely use their FreshBooks accounts. FreshBooks uses 256-bit SSL encryption and a firewall to protect your data, and regularly scans FreshBooks servers. The company takes the protection of FreshBooks customers’ information seriously.

FreshBooks Customer Service

accounting software for small business

While many providers of cloud-based software disregard customer assistance, FreshBooks has a wealth of tools available. FreshBooks provides phone and emails customer service in addition to an immediate live chat feature built right into the software. Although phone help isn’t offered round-the-clock, it is available during weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday. An automated chatbot on the FreshBooks website can answer simple queries. Free eBooks, blog postings, and webinars are also available that go into further detail about how to utilize the product.


FreshBooks is a great choice for freelancers, small business owners, and anyone who needs to send invoices and accept payments as part of their business. Its invoice, estimate, and recommendation tools are among the best we’ve come across, with a colorful and intuitive user interface, while extras like time tracking Mobility times and distances have been carefully designed, making them enjoyable to use.