Suggest 8 Best Places To Visit In Finland In The Summer

Suggest 8 Best Places To Visit In Finland In The Summer

Finland is known as the hometown of Santa Claus, this is also a relatively new country to travel to. But for those feet who love to explore, love to explore new places, absolutely do not miss this country in your European travel itinerary next summer. Let’s explore this place with through Suggest 8 Best Places To Visit In Finland In The Summer.

Lapland – The land of white nights


Referring to the ideal places to experience the white night, people often mention Russia. However, with its location right at the North Pole (60’33’N), Rovaniemi and other cities in Lapland province (Finland) have a longer and clearer white night (about 940 km from Saint Petersburg city). to the North).

This is also the first place in Suggest 8 Best Places To Visit In Finland In The Summer. With special natural advantages, Lapland is famous for its adventure tourism activities. It is a land of convergence of natural beauty, culture, and typical people of Finland.

In the summer, sports-loving tourists can participate in many activities such as walking, climbing, boating, hunting, and camping in the vast national parks of the Arctic in the cool air. fluctuating around 16-18 degrees Celsius.

To make up for 7 months of harsh winter and darkness, 3 short summer months with bright sunny days and nights is a wonderful gift from mother nature for far-flung sub-terrestrials.

Helsinki – The beautiful capital of Finland


Helsinki is the capital of Finland and also its largest city. Every year, it always appears on the Top of the most livable cities in the world. However, many European tourists think that Helsinki is too similar to where they live and can be boring to travel.

But not at all! This city knows how to captivate people with its sea-facing streets, diverse architecture, and typical Nordic cuisine. You can visit unique churches, UNESCO-listed fortresses, and traditional markets dating back to the 19th century,… on a bicycle or foot as the city is quite small.

At night, Helsinki is just as vibrant as other cities: popular bars host heavy metal parties, and Europe’s biggest music festivals every year. This is also the next place to visit in the summer in the Suggest 8 Best Places To Visit In Finland In The Summer.

Suomenlinna – Beautiful Island


When you come to the capital Helsinki, you should not miss the beautiful island of Suomenlinna, especially this summer. The Suomenlinna archipelago consists of 6 small islands next to each other, this is an abandoned place with old fortresses and battle bunkers. Usually, people come here on weekends to camp and feel the wild and green space.

Besides, the island is also an ideal place to experience the sport of skydiving, or you can rent a canoe to visit around the island. The Suomenlinna Islands are an integral part of Helsinki tourism. From the city center, you can get here by ferry in 20 minutes.

On the island of Suomenlinna, we will have the opportunity to see Sveaborg – the fortress known as “Swedish Castle”, built in the mid-18th century. Sveaborg’s original purpose was political: it was a shield against Russian encroachment into the Baltic.

During the 1950s and 1960s, it continued to be restored and converted for cultural and recreational use. Currently, Sveaborg has become one of the world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO.

Porvoo Ancient

Porvoo Ancient

Porvoo is also an extremely ideal destination when traveling to Finland. Just 50 kilometers from Helsinki, Porvoo is one of the six medieval cities of Finland. You just need to book an Omnibus online and you can visit this city in just 50 minutes by car.

If you book early, you only need to pay 2 euros for both the way out and back. Here you will see wooden houses representing the urban wooden house architecture along the Poorvonnjoki river with beautiful red colors.

The scenes and the small flower pots hanging on the windows make the place spread along the streets making it extremely peaceful. In addition, you can visit Porvoo church to see the whole city and enjoy the melodious and soothing love songs.

Nokia – a peaceful town

Nokia – a peaceful town

If mentioning Nokia, most people will immediately think of the world-famous phone brand. But few people know that Nokia is also the name of a town in Finland. This beautiful little Nokia town is located on the gentle and poetic Nokianvirta river.

This is considered a comfortable attraction when traveling to Finland. Coming here, you can go for a walk on the hillsides of Vihnusjarvi in a peaceful and gentle setting, you will see the spirit of excitement and youth. This is also an interesting place that Suggest 8 Best Places To Visit In Finland In The Summer thinks you should visit this summer.

Turku City

Turku City

The city of Turku is an ancient capital formed at the end of the 13th century, this is also the city with the oldest history in the happiest country in the world. Turku has many ancient and poetic beauties and a unique culture. In the past, this land was a key population center in Finland.

From 1809 – 1812, this was the first capital of the land of Santa Claus. Today, Turku is one of the three major cities with important economic and cultural positions in Northern Europe. Turku is a port city as well as the oldest city in Finland. Here, you will visit ancient churches that clearly show the famous European art style.

Turku lies on an important maritime route leading to more than 15,000 large and small islands. This summer, following the tour of Finland, come to this city once to see the ancient and modern beauty intertwined here!

Kuokkala Church

Kuokkala Church

Kuokkala Church is a tourist attraction in Finland that you should not miss. The church has a contemporary style but has the architecture of a traditional church. From the east-west axis, the roof and walls of the church to the wooden interior inside, all make viewers admire it. Every year, many tourists flock to the Kuokkala church.

This is also an interesting place that Suggest 8 Best Places To Visit In Finland In The Summer thinks you should visit this summer. The idea for the Kuokkala church originated in a 2006 competition that asked to design a building that could become the focal point of the neighborhood and promote its own cultural identity.

The Kuokkala ecclesiastical committee won that competition and created a traditional building with a modern and sophisticated texture.

Raseborg Town

Raseborg Town

The last name in Suggest 8 Best Places To Visit In Finland In The Summer is Raseborg. The impressive point of the city is the smooth combination of natural and man-made beauty. There is a lovely neoclassical church and a few Alvar Aalto houses. The streets at Alvar Aalto become more vibrant and eye-catching with many colorful painted wooden houses.

This is also the town where the majority of the people here speak Swedish. There’s a lot to see here. There is a lovely neoclassical church along with rows of brightly colored houses. If you are a person who likes to explore and like new things, do not forget to visit this small town.

With the places to visit when traveling to Finland that Suggest 8 Best Places To Visit In Finland In The Summer has just been shared, we hope to help you arrange your schedule. Wishing you a pleasant trip.

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