BRUGES-Things to do in Bruges


The most well-known tourist destination in Belgium is Bruges, sometimes referred to as the “Venice of Northern Europe.” But those who have never been here are intrigued about things to do in Bruges?. So, let’s go exploring with Onetiptech!

With mossy old bridges spanning the little canals in the center of the city and medieval European architecture, this location provides a picturesque sight that captures people’s attention. Because of the charm and tranquillity of so many historic buildings, Bruges is the destination of choice for many lovers.


BRUGES-Things to do in Bruges.

In the Northwest of the Kingdom of Belgium, Bruges is regarded as the capital of the Vlaanderen area. One of the most intact fairy-tale cities may be found in Europe. Additionally, it has a population of little over 120,000 people and a land area of roughly 140 square kilometers.

The interconnected river system of Bruges has been compared to Venice of Northern Europe. The city is surrounded by tinier, meandering waterways. Old, calm houses may be seen silhouetted beneath the deep blue sea from every angle.

When you arrive in Bruges, you feel like you’re in a slow-motion European film, since there are medieval European-style buildings all around you, with a combination of Gothic architecture and very characteristic architecture. Interspersed with time-worn wooden buildings, red-tiled roof houses, lovely historic squares, or Gothic-style bell towers… these cover the area of Bruges with its ups and downs and tranquillity.

In 2000, the historic center of the city of Brugge was selected by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. So, let’s Onetiptech guide you about things to do in Bruges!

2. Things to do in Bruges.

2.1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral -Things to do in Bruges. GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES
Notre Dame Cathedral -Things to do in Bruges

The “Church of Our Lady” is a lovely beauty from the 13th century. It is the highest structure in Bruges, with a tower 115.5 meters high.

Furthemore, here’s a fun fact: it’s also the world’s second highest brick structure. The cathedral has numerous important pieces of art by artists, including Michelangelo’s marble Madonna.

It was originally built over two centuries ago and has been enlarged and repaired throughout time. It is now undergoing additional restoration.

Some of the artwork will be unavailable owing to restorations, but the majority of this magnificent church should be accessible. So coming here should be on your list of things to do in Bruges.

2.2. Begijnhof

Begijnhof-Things to do in Bruges.GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES
Begijnhof-Things to do in Bruges.

The Begijnhofs or “Beginnings,” a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, is undoubtedly a distinctive aspect of Europe, particularly Belgium and the Netherlands.

These ancient structures, which date to the middle of the thirteenth century, once served as residences for a number of devout ladies known as Beguines who lived their lives in imitation of the apostles.Today, the Begijnhof is still used as a residence by nuns and women who have chosen not to marry.

Particularly regarded as one of the best maintained is the Begijnhof in Bruges.You’ll leave the bustle of the city behind as you stroll down the narrow cobblestone streets and arrive at a serene setting.

However, you can go in and see some of Beguine’s houses and this is one of the best 10 things to do in Bruges, go back in time to get a feel for what life is like here!

2.3. Basilica

Basilica-Things to do in Bruges. GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES
Basilica-Things to do in Bruges.

Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed is a stunning statue that can be seen in the heart of the city, to the west of the town hall, commonly known as the “Stadhuis.” (Basilica)

This well-known twin chapel, named to Our Lady and Saint Basil, is rumored to contain a drop of blood made out of droplets of Christ’s own blood. According to legend, the blood was brought from the holy land to the basilica in the 12th century following the crusades.Every day at 2:00 PM, this Jesus relic is taken down so that people might pay their respects.

You’ll see two separate aspects of your visit because it’s a twin church. An upper church of neoclassical construction that includes sacred blood relics and a lower chapel with Roman-style elements.

You won’t want to pass up the opportunity to view this distinctive basilica – best things to do in Bruges for yourself!

2.4. Groeningemuseum

Groeningemuseum-Things to do in Bruges. GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES
Groeningemuseum-Things to do in Bruges.

The renowned Groeningemuseum is the best venue to learn about Belgian art and history.

The museum, which was constructed on the former site of the old Eekhout Monastery, provides a thorough visual overview of many Flemish and Belgian painters, as well as pieces from the mid-14th to the early-16th centuries. Besides, Neoclassical works from the 18th and 19th centuries are included in this.

The museum also exhibits several pieces of post-war contemporary art and instances of Flemish expressionism, not to mention the renowned Flemish collection of primitive paintings.

Of course, a lot of these works were initially produced in Bruges! It is also important to remember that the Groeningemuseum frequently hosts lovely exhibitions. Therefore, including this to your list of things to do in Bruges is a good idea.

2.5. Bell tower

Bell tower-Things to do in Bruges. GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES
Bell tower-Things to do in Bruges.

The Bell Tower is a masterwork that soars in the center of Bruges and is a designated World Heritage Site. It gives some spectacular vistas of the city and is 83 meters tall.

Due to the tower’s age of the 13th century—the ascent might feel a little cramped, but the trip will be well worth it. On any given day, the tower’s 47-bell carillon is still manually charged.Besides, as a perpetual reminder of one of the first instances of medieval building, the bell tower is regarded as the most significant and recognizable tower in Bruges.

The tower seen in the well-known film “In Bruges” may possibly be familiar to you. So it makes sense to add this on your list of things to do in Bruges.

2.6. Burg Square

Burg Square-Things to do in Bruges. GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES.
Burg Square-Things to do in Bruges

When visiting Bruges, architectural and history enthusiasts will undoubtedly be dancing for pleasure.

Burg is a square of Renaissance, Gothic, and Neoclassical buildings that has been occupied since the second century CE.

As you make your approach toward Burg Square, you’ll discover that every structure you pass through has a piece of history. These include the historic Civil Registry from 1537 and the “Stadhuis,” popularly known as the town hall, which dates back to its original construction in 1376.

Additionally, you’ll witness the Church of Our Lady, the Palace of Liberty of Wales, and the medieval court of justice (Brugse Vrije).You may even drop by the property next door to check out the several lovely waterways and the former fish market! As a result, adding it to your list of things to do in Bruges is an excellent idea.

2.7. Saint Jan’s Hospital

Saint Jan's Hospital-Things to do in Bruges. GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES
Saint Jan’s Hospital-Things to do in Bruges

This renowned history museum is located inside the historic Saint Jan Hospital, which has a history dating back over 800 years as a medical facility.

It is regarded as one of the oldest hospitals in Europe with the finest preservation. You may visit the ancient wards and see what life was like in the hospital thanks to the fact that it is now a museum.

The historic neighborhood of Saint Jan’s has art collections from many places of worship. Several of these items were donated to Saint Jan’s Hospital following Napoleon’s defeat in 1815.

Along with these fine specimens of religious art, the chapel also has renowned ensembles from Hans Memling from the 16th century as well as donated pieces from allied organizations. Don’t forget to look about the herb and growing regions as things to do in Bruges! It will not disappoint you.

2.8. Loppem Castle

Loppem Castle-Things to do in Bruges. GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES
Loppem Castle-Things to do in Bruges.

The 19th-century Loppem castle, which is about 10 kilometers south of the city center, highlights the city of Bruges’s fairytale-like aura.

The Loppem Castle, which has stunning neoclassical architecture, mixes authentic interiors and architecture with a twisting garden labyrinth and a sizable art collection to transport visitors back in time.

After World War I, King Albert I lived at the castle for a while; in fact, Queen Elizabeth stayed there in 1918.

The footsteps of ancient painters and rulers may be seen as you go through the halls of Loppem castle.

2.9. Arents Park

Arents Park-Things to do in Bruges. GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES
Arents Park-Things to do in Bruges.

You’ll be ready for some solitude after a day of touring.

The magnificent Hof Arents is right beside the Arentshuis museum.

The picturesque tiny bridge, exterior art, and several chairs tucked away amid the towering trees are all features of this charming green park that is situated along the canals.

While the 18th-century Arentshuis museum is unquestionably worthwhile, it would be difficult to find a more tranquil setting than the Hof Arents park.

So, why not pay a visit here to discover things to do in Bruges?

2.10. Market Square

Market Square-Things to do in Bruges. GUIDE BEST 10 THINGS TO DO IN BRUGES
Market Square-Things to do in Bruges

The square, also known as the Market Square, is one of the most important sights or things to do in Bruges that is indispensible.

The iconic tower is located on the historic market square, which has been in use since 958.

The square is now home to a variety of eateries and retail establishments and serves as a community gathering area.

You may even board a carriage there to see the city!

You can see various architectural changes over time as you stroll through this ancient market since each structure in the plaza is different.

3. In Conclusion

I can assure you that Bruges will be the most memorable of all the European towns you could have the opportunity to visit. There is no location exactly like it, with its little canals, ancient marketplaces, and museums. You will have a delightful, fond memory of Bruges that will last a lifetime. And, I hope the post about the top 10 things to do in Bruges was helpful.