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The best Asian food restaurant in San Jose

The largest city in Northern California and the Bay Area is where the Asian food restaurant in San Jose, which is renowned as a worldwide city for its prosperous economy. We have focused our investigation on the San Jose region because there is so much to see and do there.

Asian food restaurant in San Jose is listed below.

1. Black Sheep Brasserie

California-inspired elevated French brasserie cuisine served in posh settings.

At this French-American brasserie, the emphasis is on high-quality dishes like oxtail rillettes, Burgundy snails in Pernod parsley butter, and pan-roasted duck breast, lentils, and herb salad, as well as specialty drinks like A Postcard from Japan, made with black sesame-washed Japanese whisky, oloroso sherry, Licor 43, and black sesame bitters.

This is definitely my favorite restaurant in the Willow Glen region and one of my favorite restaurants overall in San Jose. Almost everything on the menu has been tried by me, and I have never been let down. Almost everything I’ve tried or bought has been flawless. 

Oysters are quite fresh. The mousse made from duck liver is creamy, silky, and delicious. The charcuterie platter by itself constitutes a dinner. The earthy and smokey flavor of the grilled trumpet mushrooms. The salmon itself flaked off with only a touch of the fork, and the skin was wonderfully crispy. The beverages were also excellent. I requested a tiny glass of simple syrup from the bartender because I prefer my drinks sweeter than average. Every time, the service is excellent.

Black Sheep Brasserie
Black Sheep Brasserie

Went there for supper on my birthday. Excellent, attentive, and unobtrusive service and employees were provided. I ordered the French 75 and the Japanese cocktail, both of which were superb. ordered potatoes and the Manresa baguette as an appetizer. Amazingly, there was almost no markup on the baguette for about $4! Although everything was great, the potatoes were only fair. We had the onion soup, ribs, and fish for our entrees. For me, the soup’s little cheese content was ideal.

It may not be the “standard,” according to some, but I don’t like it overly cheesy; it had a deep flavor and could easily have been half of your dinner. The ribs were alright, nothing special. My tablemate thought her fish was good. We received a complimentary dessert because it was my birthday, but we also ordered the bread pudding, and both were fantastic! Overall, it’s a fantastic location that I would suggest visiting.

2. Mosaic

A hip hotel hangout with imaginative fusion cuisine, inventive drinks, a patio, and live jazz on the weekends.

How should I put it? Mosaic was a wonderful and enjoyable place to spend the evening. My family had a wonderful trip, loved the cuisine, and had excellent care. Definitely, I would return for their sea bass!

Good is worth the price and is good. I adore their fried rice with crab and string beans. Dessert is always the molten lava cake, which is delicious. One of the greatest services I’ve ever had in the Bay Area is provided here. Totally kind and courteous. Enjoy it here.

For business purposes, I stayed at the Four Points and had supper here twice. The staff was excellent. Both the food and the beverages were excellent. Tim was kind and considerate, and he had a great mohawk. I’ll return to this hotel even if I don’t stay here again, just to eat here.

3. Straits Restaurant

The food offered at Straits is wide and diversified, just like San Jose itself. The cuisine is influenced by Singapore, a nation that frequently combines cuisines from China, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. As a consequence, Chef Chris Yeo creates a delectable and colorful Asian fusion meal that is delivered in dishes that are designed to be shared by the table. Prepare to taste tastes from all around the world as you settle into this trendy restaurant with modern decor.

4. The New Sam Kee Restaurant

The lobster garlic noodles at this casual Chinese restaurant are legendary.

Last but not least, New Sam Kee Restaurant is one of San Jose’s most well-liked Chinese eateries. Generations of customers have been serviced by New Sam Kee Restaurant.

The New Sam Kee Restaurant
The New Sam Kee Restaurant

Due to the fact that we rarely dine out in this region, this was our first visit after seven years. Sharing so many dishes with so many friends and family is certainly the finest use of your money. Because I frequently get Mongolian beef meals at restaurants, I chose that option. My pals who had never tried it adored it. We selected their famous fried rice and the must-order lobster garlic noodles. Both were quite tasty.

Everything we got, including the salt and pepper spare ribs, basil clams, egg drop soup, and wonton noodle soup, was delicious. On a Friday night at 7 pm, there was no line, which was also a positive. If you’re searching for a place to eat with a large party, I highly suggest it. Ordered eggrolls, roasted chicken and noodles, and lobster garlic noodles. Deliciously good! The way I like it, the chicken was cooked! My husband also liked the lobster noodles. Great meal and friendly service. I knew my soup didn’t contain MSG since I didn’t have a headache after eating it.

5. Jade China Restaurant

The Chinese restaurant has a few tables for eating in as well as combo plates and meals that are suitable for takeaway.

In the Berryessa neighborhood of North San Jose, there is a restaurant called Jade China. Since opening in 1997, our family-run restaurant has been committed to serving outstanding Oriental and Chinese food for takeout or dining in. The restaurant serves exceptionally generous portions of Chinese food at reasonable pricing, making it the best in Berryessa, a neighborhood in San Jose.

The Jade China Restaurant is a fantastic choice for quick, simple, and excellent Chinese dinners in San Jose. This family-run eatery serves a large selection of genuine Chinese cuisine swiftly without compromising on taste.

6. Pho Kim Long

Very excellent remodeling and growth! We lamented their closure during the epidemic. Evidently, they used that time for a significant extension and makeover. so clean and fresh. They now offer covered outside seating as well. As always, the food is fantastic.

The food was good, and the prices were reasonable. On Wednesday at 1:30 pm, I had the oxtail soup, which might have been smoother. Who knows? Maybe if I had supper here. The rice and pork chops were delicious.

7. Dakao Sandwich

A simple, quick-serve staple serving up classic Vietnamese fares like pho and sandwiches.

Dakao Sandwich- asian food restaurant in san jose
Dakao Sandwich

Huge amounts, excellent taste, and absurdly low prices. Visited the establishment and tasted the tofu sandwich (and green coconut dessert?) and wasn’t let down. They also have additional items for sale that aren’t on their menu and don’t have English translations, but that is nothing a quick Google search can’t take care of. They also have a hot buffet. Definitely returning here! (For debit transactions, the minimum is $5).

Excellent Banh mi, especially fish cake Banh mi cha ca. If you look at their menu and give it a go, you’ll find a variety of meals. But because they make everything, don’t have high expectations. The finest item they provide is a sandwich on bread. With the bread, they make everything right. Additionally, they provide daily fresh desserts for sale.

The placards read “PERMANENTLY CLOSED.” I feel such sadness. This tiny location was very wonderful. For $5, you could have lunch (such as two chicken skewers and a Coke). It was operated by kind, amiable individuals. They served cooked peanuts and had excellent curries. I’ll miss them a lot, for sure.

8. M Asian Fusion Restaurant

Pan-Asian cuisine and specialty drinks are served in a club-like setting with vibrant, modern Indian décor.

The M Asian Fusion Restaurant in San Jose is yet another fantastic location to sample some novel and intriguing Asian food restaurant in San Jose. The M Asian Fusion Restaurant, like the last entry, provides a distinctive fusion of Asian flavors, this time mixing pan-Asian and Indian cuisines. Their tangy mango papaya salad, lamb starter, shahi paneer, street food vada pav, and kung pao chicken are some of their most well-liked meals.

9. Phu Lam Chinese Restaurant

Stylish restaurant serving traditional Cantonese and Mandarin cuisine with unique design and a space for special occasions.

The Phu Lam Chinese Restaurant, which serves up traditional Cantonese and Mandarin meals, is well-known in San Jose for its vast menu, ample portions, and distinctive flavor and presentation, which they have managed to preserve through the years. Their lobster fried rice, flavorful Mongolian beef and chicken, and seasonal pea soup are some of their most well-liked meals. The Phu Lam Chinese Restaurant is a well-liked option among the local Asian population for special events like reunions or birthday celebrations because of its chic décor and unique design.

We arrived for supper and were pleasantly pleased by the price. a sizable quantity at a significantly lower cost than other restaurants of the same size. Excellent service, really wonderful food, although we had to wait for a while because the restaurant was so full on a Saturday night. I saw that a private banquet had shut up half of the restaurant, and the family dinner settings also looked very nice.

Thai food that is genuine. superb service. tasty food The waiter was really kind.

10. Santouka

Multiple variations of traditionally styled ramen noodle bowl from various regions.

A Hokkaido Ramen Santouka location is at the top of the list. The most well-liked Asian food restaurant in San Jose, with four stars out of 3,045 reviews on Yelp, is located at 675 Saratoga Avenue in West San Jose and serves ramen and noodles.

Santouka in Japan

It’s a fantastic location to find real ramen! Every time I was in San Jose, I always came here. I just needed the medium-sized ramen because the bone broth was so tasty. For some reason, the ramen had more beef than normal. The noodles were frequently the last thing I ate, and there was no more meat to be had. But this time, there were more than three meat pieces, and they were also sizable! There were a few tables, and there were plastic or plexiglass partitions between them. In addition to cash, you may also pay with credit cards or Apple Pay.

The B combination with spicy Ramen was quite delicious. The broth and toppings are plenty, the ramen has a decent bite, and it is served hot. The cost is simply $1 extra. The salmon roe and salmon bowl is known as “ikura and sake don” are still tasty, but they are now served in a plastic clamshell rather than a genuine bowl. The bowl is much more my style. If you arrive around lunch or supper, finding a seat may be difficult. I think the combo is a touch overpriced at roughly $21. Maybe I’ll just get the Ramen next time.

A well-known Hokkaido ramen chain with a miso ramen focus. I’d advise purchasing a set of either the normal or spicy miso ramen. If you’re hungry, a big upgrade is a wonderful deal for less than $1. Additionally, this is one of the few ramen restaurants to provide natto as a side dish better than the motel restaurant, natto, but still not on par with a restaurant. The absence of a butter addition is the only thing holding the Hokkaido ramen experience back.

The above information on Asian food restaurant in San Jose is reviewed by everyone. I believe that this restaurant will help you enjoy the taste of the food you love in all Asian countries.

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