10 Best Places To Visit In Korea During Summer

10 Best Places To Visit In Korea During Summer

Korea also owns many beautiful natural landscapes and rich cultures. That has attracted a lot of visitors to Korea. Let’s explore the color of Korean summer with us through the article 10 Best Places To Visit In Korea During Summer.

When visiting Korea in the summer, you will be able to experience the country’s unique culture as well as visit some of the most interesting places. Many art shows and traditional festivals take place during this time. Visitors can immerse themselves in the traditional cultural space, have fun, and sample delicious traditional Korean cuisine.

1. Han River (Seoul)

Han River (Seoul)

The first place that 10 Best Places To Visit In Korea During Summer think you should not miss when coming to Seoul, South Korea. The Han River is hard to miss because it flows through the city and flows along some of Seoul’s most exciting entertainment attractions.

Han River Park, located on the banks of the Han River, actually includes 12 other parks, all of which are part of Yeouido Hangang Park. Exploring Yeouido Hangang Park by bike is the best way to see the river, its trees, and its manicured gardens.

The Han River in Seoul, South Korea originates from Taebaeksan Mountain (Gangwon Province) in the East and flows into the Yellow Sea in the West with a total length of 494km, the section flowing through Seoul has a width of more than 1km.

The Han River is formed from two small rivers, the Southern Han River and the Northern Han River, merging at the Padang Lake area (Namyangju City) before flowing through the capital Seoul.

2. Everland Park (Gyeonggi-do)

Everland Park (Gyeonggi-do)

Located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea, Everland is the largest amusement park or a theme park in Korea. This is an attractive destination for your family in the summer when coming to Korea that 10 Best Places To Visit In Korea During Summer suggests to you. Called a theme park because, in such parks, each area will be built according to a separate theme. At Everland there are 5 main theme zones including Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zoo Topia. In each theme area, there are many interesting games and activities.

3. Hallasan Moutain (Jeju)

Hallasan Moutain (Jeju)

When visiting Jeju Island, known as Asia’s Hawaii, you will be surrounded by the picturesque scenery of Mount Hallasan, Korea’s highest peak. This location is not only a destination that delights visitors with its shimmering beauty, but it is also the best place for young people to have fun, especially during the summer.

Hallasan is a massive shield volcano that is often depicted as encompassing the entire island of Jeju. This mountain can be seen from anywhere on the island, but its summit is frequently obscured by clouds. Mount Hallasan, located 1,950 meters above sea level in the park of the same name, was an inactive volcano thousand of years ago.

Because of the unique geology of the basalt lava layer, this location has developed a unique ecosystem that supports thousands of diverse plant and animal species, including endangered species. The most notable feature is the world’s largest fir forest, as well as an abundance of alpine creatures.

4. Haeundae Beach (Busan)

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach Korea is located in the Busan area and is known as the most beautiful beach in the country. Coming to Korea without visiting Haeundae beach is a waste of time. The name “Haeundae” was given to this place by a poet of the Silla dynasty. According to local people, he was mesmerized by the beauty of Haeundae beach in Korea and carved on a rock the words “Haeundae” to dedicate to this small island.

As one of the most beautiful beaches in Korea that 10 Best Places To Visit In Korea During Summer introduces to you, Haeundae beach tourism is loved by many tourists and visits often in the summer. Summer is also the peak season here, from about July to September.

When you come to Haeundae beach in Korea at this time, you will feel the beauty of the sea in the most radiant way. Visitors will enjoy the warm sunshine, and golden sand along the shore, on the shore are huge umbrellas of all colors.

However, you must hurry to arrive early because the peak season is very crowded with tourists if you want to rest under these umbrellas. In addition to swimming, sunbathing is also one of the activities that are very popular with tourists.

5. Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival

There are brilliant tulip festivals not only in the Netherlands but also in the beautiful country of Korea, where you can admire the ravishing tulip carpets. The tulips are in full bloom around mid-April, which is also an ideal time to visit Korea. The Tulip Festival is held at Byeokcho, a herb garden in the city of Paju.

This is a popular tourist destination in Paju. The garden’s European style impresses visitors, even though it was built in the middle of an Asian country. The tulip festival here is typically held from mid-April to mid-May.

6. Sand Festival in Haeundae

Sand Festival in Haeundae

It is held in June at Haeundae Beach in Busan, South Korea. Visitors to the Haeundae Sand Festival can join the crowds in admiring and participating in unique works of art made of sand, as well as enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

In the evening with special art shows, or during the day with sports such as volleyball, wrestling, and surfing. For female visitors who are interested in beauty, there is a hot sand bath that is both relaxing and beneficial to one’s health, particularly the skin women.

7. Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud Festival

The Boryeong Mud Festival is held on Daecheon Beach, Korea’s largest and most beautiful beach on the West Coast. Aside from taking part in the festival, you can also swim and play exciting sea games.

The Boryeong Mud Festival takes place every year in July for two weeks, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world. Boryeong is a small town located on Korea’s west coast. Boryeong Mud Festival is a destination that draws not only Koreans but also tourists from all over the world.

8. Jeju Island

Jeju Island

Jeju is known as the “island of love” because it is a place associated with Korean romantic movies. The fresh air and peaceful and poetic beauty have captivated many tourists. And one of the things you must do in your life is to come to this paradise island. It is also one of the 10 Best Places To Visit In Korea During Summer that you should not miss.

Jeju is a volcanic island, about 120 km from mainland of Korea. In terms of geographical distance, Jeju is completely separate from the major cities of Korea. Perhaps that’s why Jeju also has a slow, peaceful pace of life that is rare as an “island of paradise”.

The poetic natural scenery, many attractive attractions, unique cuisine, and hospitable people are the reasons why Jeju Island is attracting more and more tourists.

9. Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower was originally a communication and observation tower in Seoul. Built-in 1969 on top of Namsan. Located right between the center of Seoul and the famous Namsan Park. In particular, this place is known as one of the most interesting love tourism towers in Korea.

In addition, it is also a symbol of this beautiful country. So if you come to Korea, you should not miss this place. This Namsan Tower is mainly divided into N Seoul Tower, the actual tower section, and Seoul Tower Entertainment Center. The lower part includes the infrastructure and shops. Each floor has something to experience.

Once you stand on this tower and admire the view below, the whole of Seoul will be captured in your eyes and engraved in your mind with an unforgettable beautiful scene of a bustling city on the banks of the Han River. peaceful. Worth a try even just once.

10. Lotte Aquarium

Lotte Aquarium

Lotte World Aquarium is an aquarium located on the B1-2 floor of Lotte World with the theme “Communication between humans and the ocean”. If you already know Lotte World is a modern and famous entertainment area not only in Korea but also throughout Asia. Besides the thrilling games, the models and castles are simulated very realistically, there is also a large aquarium.

Lotte World Aquarium is an 11,240-square-meter venue and with a combined tank capacity of 5,200-ton, it is undoubtedly the largest aquarium in Korea along with COEX Aquarium.
Visitors to Lotte Aquarium can learn about sea life from rivers and oceans by exploring different areas under a variety of themes.

There are over 40,000 animals of over 650 species with over 90 large display tanks including the Discovery Zone and Themed Zone. Visitors can walk along the path through the Aquarium to see jellyfish, Korean fish, and sharks swimming freely beside or above their heads through the special glass tank.

In addition to immersing in the ocean world with hundreds of diverse species, at Lotte World Aquarium there are also many interesting activities for visitors and families to participate in Summer Festival, Fish Festival eat, watch blue whales do circus,…

These are the places that you should try this summer when you come to Korea. Hope the article 10 Best Places To Visit In Korea During Summer will provide useful information for you.

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