10 Best Interesting Things Of Summer In London

10 Best Interesting Things Of Summer In London

A trip to Europe in the summer is a great thing that surely everyone has thought of. If you are planning an upcoming trip to London this summer, do not miss the article 10 Best Interesting Things Of Summer In London. The beautiful city of London with a lot of interesting things awaits you this summer.

1. Sightseeing from the London Eye

London Eye

The London Eye is the iconic landmark of the city of London. This is also the first place that the 10 Best Interesting Things Of Summer In London introduced. It’s one of the best things to do in London this summer if you want to admire the breathtaking panorama of the whole city while enjoying the fresh and cool air.

From this height, you can glimpse all of the city’s best London attractions. Also from here, you can see from the peaceful southern region to the collection of towering concrete structures in the city center.

2. Cruise on the Thames

If you’ve ever set foot in England, you can’t help but visit the Thames river flowing through the famous London capital with poetic landscapes that captivate people. The Thames in England is a large river tributary by four smaller tributaries, the Isis, Churn, Colne, and Leach.

Thames River

These tributaries converge at the city of Oxford and flow in the direction of East London, opening several wide estuaries into the North Sea of the European tourist land. Taking a cruise across the Thames is one of the 10 Best Interesting Things Of Summer In London.

Stretching for about 346 km and offering stunning views of some of the city’s important landmarks, England’s Thames promises to offer the most surreal cruising experience in the world.

3. Climb to the top of The Shard

Climb the 244-meter-tall building of The Shard and take in breathtaking views stretching up to 65 kilometers of the city. Known as the city’s best viewing spot, this towering structure is now the tallest building in Western Europe.

The Shard

The building offers unobstructed views of the entire city from the 68th floor and 360-degree views on the 72nd floor. The Shard’s main attractions include the Oblix scenic afternoon tea house, British restaurant Aqua Shard, Asian restaurant Ting, and restaurant Hutong both have a panoramic view of the city, especially when it becomes more splendid at night.

4. Explore ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo is one of the most important places to visit in London in the summer if you are an animal lover. This beautiful zoo is home to over 740 species of wildlife including monkeys, Asian lions, lemurs, gorillas, tigers, and penguins.

ZSL London Zoo

The whole zoo is divided into several categories, the most attractive of which are Lion’s Land, Tiger Territory, or meet monkeys, staying with lemurs in the Gorilla Kingdom… ZSL Zoo London is not only a place to see a wide variety of wildlife, but it is also a great educational spot where you can learn facts about wildlife.

5. Visiting the Tower of London

Tower of London

Visit the Tower of London as one of the 10 Best Interesting Things Of Summer In London for history buffs and architecture buffs. Founded in 1066, this majestic regal fortress offers you a glimpse of its stunning architectural design, priceless gems, and breathtaking views of the Thames.

Some of the important Tower of London attractions include The Crown Jewels, WhiteTower, The Bloody Tower, Beefeater Tours, and Royal Beasts.

6. Discover The Harry Potter

Discover The Harry Potter

The Harry Potter is one of the must-visit places in London in the summer if you are a loyal fan of the Harry Potter movies. This stunning studio will give you an amazing behind-the-scenes feel and visuals and a chance to witness many magical and realistic photo sets.

You can also take a guided tour, with more interesting specials, and even learn the full Harry Potter filming experience in this studio.

7. Visit the Queen’s Gallery of Buckingham Palace

the Queen’s Gallery of Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace is where you can view items from the Royal Collection as a well-distributed gallery. The gallery is decorated with many valuable treasures that are worth exploring and admiring if you are traveling to London.

You will be amazed at the wide range of valuable art materials to be able to understand ancient arts and crafts skills. And finally, witness more than 450 interesting treasures firsthand when visiting the Queen’s Gallery.

8. Go to Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show runs for 5 days in May. Because of the popularity of the exhibition, people often have to buy tickets almost a year in advance. During the first 2 days, the exhibition is dedicated to RHS members and experts and artisans in floriculture, flower arrangement, and horticulture.

Chelsea Flower Show

The next three days are open to the public. Chelsea Flower Show not only has flowers in Europe but also flowers from all over the world. The Chelsea Flower Show attracts more than 150,000 tourists each year thanks to its colorful and engaging flower exhibitions.

At this exhibition, you can meet many reputable garden designers, florists, and botanical experts from all over the world. You can also witness some incredibly creative and impressive floral art, and even learn important gardening tips that can help you create your beautiful garden.

9. Explore the Horniman museum

The Horniman museum is an equally enjoyable summer activity in London. Take an exploratory tour of the famous Horniman museum as one of the 10 Best Interesting Things Of Summer In London. Located in Forest Hill, this beautiful museum displays a huge collection of natural history, musical instruments, and anthropology.

the Horniman museum

The museum also hosts a multitude of activities, seminars, concerts, performances, festivals, and special exhibitions for visitors. The Horniman Museum’s main attractions are its elegant cafĂ©, lush gardens, and the beautiful aquarium.

10. Stroll in Borough Market

Borough Market

If you’re a foodie, you’ll enjoy strolling around the classic Borough Market and enjoying a delicious London evening food tour. This is also the last activity in the 10 Best Interesting Things Of Summer In London.

This market is widely known for its wholesale and retail food stores, which sell international delicacies. You can find every international dish here including Indonesian, Ethiopian, Argentina, and Pakistani. Nestled under a puzzling maze of beautiful Victorian arches, this 1,000-year-old market offers meals steeped in history.

Summer is the season of travel, also the best time to enjoy a trip to London. Hopefully, the article 10 Best Interesting Things Of Summer In London will provide you with useful information.

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